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loss of a stepdad

Stepdad Quotes (5) ~ Loss Of A Stepdad

Five thoughtful quotes dealing with the loss of a stepdad.

1) “No one can prepare you for the loss of a loved one and no child is ever prepared for the loss of a parent. By definition, the children of stepdads have already experienced loss in their life. The presence of a stepdad, however, is also perfect to show the possibility the loss of someone so dear doesn’t diminish the opportunity for others to step in and love you just as much.”

2) “Change is inevitable, loss is unavoidable and coping necessarily follows. Having already lost at least part of their relationship with their natural fathers, stepchildren are at times greeted by further tragedy as they deal with the loss of a stepdad. No words can diminish the pain of that loss, but no loss can erase the powerful impressions stepdads leave on the lives of their children.”

3) “Children are rarely born with plans for later having stepdads. However, once found, a stepdad can be a source of tremendous joy in the lives of children. I can scarcely imagine the pain of losing a father figure. Nonetheless, I’m assured a child fortunate enough to be blessed with a loving stepdad is better prepared to deal with loss than many more advanced in years and experiences.”

4) “I was never prepared for my mom to remarry. I never expected to like the person she chose to spend her life with. Having been fortunate she made the perfect choice, I did not prepare to ever lose him. He will always be a part of me, and thankfully so, but the pain of loss is so much more having been blessed to be chosen as his child.”

5) “Stepchildren are blessed by the love of the men who choose to accept them. They are also, however, no more prepared for the loss of a father figure than any other child. In confronting the grief of losing such an important person, there are no easy or obvious steps to take. Time alone will hopefully heal the loss of someone so special.”

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