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Stepdad Poetry ~ We Must Move Ahead

We Must Move Ahead

The first time mom brought you home
We thought maybe she had lost her mind
How could she want to replace our dad
with this stranger in such a short time?

We didn’t care you were kind to us
Or even if you helped to pay the bills
We only cared about ourselves
And so our empty hearts went unfilled.

The more we rebelled each and every day
You gave us the love we so desperately needed
And the more you went out of your way
You broke down the case we so valiantly pleaded

We were so young and stubborn then
But now that we’re older and grown
We’re sorry for all of the trouble we caused
There are so many things we should’ve known

Thank you for being there for our family, stepdad
It’s too late to go back; we must move ahead.
Thank you for having that dad kind of patience
We gave you our worst but you chose to love us instead.

Happy Father’s Day!

~ Ashea Gold

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