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Stepdad Poetry ~ Calling All Stepdads On Father’s Day

Calling all Stepdads on Father’s Day


Calling all stepdads, everywhere

We feel your love, we feel your care

We know the acceptance you have shown

As you treat these children

Just like your own


On Father’s Day we honor you

Your contribution is just as true

As dads that are that way by birth

You’re still up there among

The best dads on earth


You’ve been through the good times

And learned from the bad

And grown to be an amazing stepdad

You’ve been patient, kind and understanding

Open, honest and never demanding


You’ve dealt with the jealousy, pain and denial

You’ve served your time, and stood the trial

But the fun and the laughter

Has seen you through

As the friendship, respect and feelings grew


So calling all stepdads, one and all

On Father’s Day, stand proud and tall

Accept your medal like all the rest

We salute you stepdads

You’re simply the BEST!


~ Gerardo Campbell




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