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Stepmom Poetry ~ In Love & Appreciation

An epic poem from a husband to his wife(stepmom) expressing love and deep appreciation for her role in raising his son and daughter.

In Love & Appreciation

He’s become a man.
A man with respect, honor and loyalty.
A man, who at such a vulnerable age has an uncanny understanding of the world in which he lives.
He’s not afraid to bear the burden of responsibility for his community, his society and his people.
He’s a mentor, a teacher and a leader.
He understands his role as a provider, protector and lover as the equal half to a woman; of which
he must cherish and honor.
He comprehends the core of riches and wealth has little to do with currency, instead it lies in the
knowledge of self and the warmth of family and friends.
He is a man.
A man who aspires to be a King.
Not a King in the general sense of the word, but a King of his mind, of his body and of his soul.
The King of his own destiny.

I thank you.

For the guidance, discipline and love you bestowed molded him into the man presented before you.
His vision of a strong, responsible and healthy woman was blurred by the fog trailing the mother who
birthed him, as she disappeared from his sight.
When the fog cleared, you appeared and taught him natural lessons of life.

Our daughter is still a tender spirit, learning of her own beauty.
As she grows from a budding bulb to a beautiful rose, thorns are bound to inflict pain.
She has been blessed.
As she can look to you, talk to you, confide in you and understand the nature of a woman’s
She watches your every move, walks in your every step and tries on each shoe.
She imitates your stride and copies your positive vibe.
What would she do without you?
One day, she will blossom into a beautiful mother, wife, friend and leader.
It will be you who planted the seed, watered it, groomed it, protected it and then presented the world a
beautiful rose.

I thank you again.

For being such a beautiful woman.
A woman who is teaching my daughter to look in the mirror, love herself, and be a beautiful woman.

Words can’t describe how I appreciate your patience and sacrifice.
You raised children of whom have no blood relation.
You love them, teach them, believe in them and hold them in the highest esteem.
You’ve earned a lifetime of blessings, although, I know your only motivation was love.

The thought alone produces emotion that stains my cheeks with tears.
I Thank You. I Appreciate You. I Love You.

~ Blaqrhythm

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