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Stepmother Poetry ~ Dear Stepmom

“Dear Stepmom” a poem to a stepmom that will bring a smile to your face. Written from the perspective of a young stepchild.

Dear Stepmom,

When I first met you, I thought you were evil.
You bugged me a lot, like a boll weevil.
I may have been mean and I may have been nasty,
But you had enough love in your heart to see right past me.
When you stepped up, I wished you’d step down.
I did what I could to make you leave town.
But you stood firm, and you stood your ground…
And I must say, I’m glad you’re still around.
You are like a mom to me, though not by birth.
I’m proud to say, I have the coolest step-mom on earth.
I have a mom whom no one can replace,
But step-mom I want you to know that I love your face!
Happy Mother’s Day!
I hope this poem says all the things that you thought
You’d never hear me say!

~ Gerardo Campbell


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