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Single Mom Poetry ~ In Praise of a Single Mom



I wonder what you were thinking

You had no time to weep

You were going to have a child

You were determined to keep


Suggestions came from everyone

How could you bear the shame

No husband and a missing father

The child would have your name


You gave me life, you gave me love

Forgetting all your future plans

You nurtured me to adulthood

Without a father’s hand


We cried together laughed together

We weathered all the storms

To me you are the best

In all the world, my Mom

~ Gerardo Campbell

I have a lot of respect for single moms.  They do it all and then some usually without any help.  A mature man can find that extremely attractive. Listen to what one son has to say about his MVP mother, Wanda Pratt.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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