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To My Loving Wife - All my love

Stepmother Poetry ~ To My Loving Wife

“To My Loving Wife” a Mother’s Day poem from a husband with praise and thankfulness to his wife for the role she plays in the raising of his children.



My lover my confidant my friend

Ever present in my life

We took a chance on forever

When you became my wife


You accepted me with all my faults

And all my children too

Your love for them without restraint

Is what has seen us through


My Loving Wife - Love quotes 

How can I express what’s in my heart

For all the world to hear

Is it sufficient for me to say

You are my darling dear.


We are a family forever now

Of this I gladly sing

Your praises shout from far and wide

To you we’ll always cling.


Happy Mother’s Day

From your husband and stepchildren

~ Gerardo Campbell


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