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Eleven Ways To Have A Happier Marriage

No matter how long it lasts the honeymoon eventually ends. Remember the butterflies and excitement you felt at the sound of your spouse’s voice? 

You can bring those feelings back and have a happier marriage.

1. Remind Each Other How Much you Appreciate the Other

Every marriage falls into a routine, and that’s when it gets dangerous. Studies have shown almost half of the men who cheated in their marriage were unsatisfied emotionally not sexually.

When a man doesn’t feel close with his wife, or when she doesn’t appreciate him, he is susceptible of giving in at any challenge.

In his movie “Annie Hall”, Woody Allen says, “a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward and backward, if not, it will die.”

2. Say Thank YouW_960_thank-you-in-many-languages1

Learn how to say “thank you” even for the smallest things like making her a cup of her favorite tea or when he helps you clean the windows

3. Be Honest Despite the Consequences

If you have gone over your credit card limit or started hiding bills, you need to understand it will eventually be discovered and then everything will backfire on you. Infidelity can refer to more than the bed. If you lose trust about money once, it is hard to return it.

4. Take Care of Your Looks

After so many years and maybe even a few births, it is very easy to get a completely different look. Remember the time before your marriage.

Would you walk in a pajama that is missing a few buttons, or without brushing your teeth. Probably not. So don’t do it after 17 years of marriage.

5. Nurture Old Friendships

You need to spend some time away from your partner, where each one of you will learn new experiences and listen to new stories. In that way you will always have something to talk about, and hanging out with old friends will ennoble and fulfill him and you.

6. Watch Your Language


There are things you should never say. Things like “have you seen the handsome new neighbor?”. What would his answer mean to you?

Nothing. Also, don’t say, “You know your problem has always been…”. And the golden rule, avoid saying “you never”, “you always”…

7. Clean Up After Yourself

Most marriages slowly and seamlessly fall into crisis, and mostly because of everyday things – socks all over the place, leaving his sweatpants inside out… Don’t start yelling immediately, criticizing him and cursing your life.

Ask him nicely to stop doing that. Or get used to the fact that he is a wreck, and you will stop bothering yourself.

8. Enjoy the Silence

You don’t have to push everything to the limit, sometimes it is wiser to shut up. If he says a bad word now and then, it doesn’t mean he meant it seriously.

Admit it, you have cursed at him yourself when you got mad, but you don’t mean it seriously. Leave things overnight, and enjoy the silence.

9. Ups and Downs

Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. We all go through periods when we could die without him, and after three days the sense of him moving in the bed gets on your nerves.

Remember none of these two periods will last forever.

Everyone-you-meet-is-fighting-a-battle-you-know-nothing-about.-Be-kind.-Always10. Be Kind

You had one bad day at work, came home and yelled at your man. It is much healthier for a relationship to start each day with the question “what could I do for him today to make him feel good?”.

Wouldn’t you like it if he sees your better side, and not listen to your rage because your boss made you angry?

11. Intimacy and Passion, In and Out of the Bedroom

Intimacy doesn’t mean just sex. Passion is not just making love on the kitchen table. Maybe there isn’t a stronger aphrodisiac than walking in the moonlight on the beach.

Maybe there isn’t a better sign of passion than not allowing the pharmacist to close the drug counter until she gives you the medicine for your spouse needs because you arrived at the last moment.

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  1. A good read! It brings out the small issues people tend to neglect over the years, but can put a dent in your marriage. One must not forget your spouse is the person you so madly fell in love with at one time. Think of what traits in him you absolutely adored and chances are he still has those traits, but you probably overlook them. Marriages fail because one tends to take their better half for granted, and fail to respect and appreciate what they do. Looking for joys in the small things everyday is the key to a happy marriage, and also a happy life!

    • I agree Zoey. It’s important to remember the things that made us fall in love with our spouses. Unfortunately, we allow problems and issues to overshadow those things which cause us to fall out of love. Thank you for your comment.

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