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Six Values Parents Should Pass On To Their Children

In today’s society, parents should be emphasizing values that will help their children be happy and self-disciplined so they can someday stand on their own two feet and live a great life. However, some parents don’t apply this and are not aware how big an impact it can actually have on how children will be in the future.

The top six values parents should always emphasize and also model at home include respect, ambition, responsibility, honesty, safety and caring.


Having respect for yourself is very important for children. They need to learn not to let anything or anyone belittle them. It’s essential you teach them to value themselves and increase their self-worth. Not only do they need to respect themselves, but they also need to respect others. This includes different cultures, races and beliefs.

Also, the environment should be respected because the Earth is our home. You can let the kids realize and embrace this through various ways. Respecting the environment will teach them to value common properties and everything that they are given.


Ambitious children accomplish their goals and dreams in life. Nothing is free in life and you need to earn it. It’s important for them to know they should give their all in everything they do because then they will have nothing to regret. However, make sure in the process of teaching your children to reach for big dreams, you also stress the values of working hard and respecting others while on their way up to success.

Keep in mind too that encouraging your child to try different hobbies and clubs when in school can be helpful to determine what type of path they will want to pursue in the future. It can also help them build confidence in themselves and grow in their life experiences.


Children need to have a good and stable sense of responsibility if they want to grow and learn. If they have work or chores, they need to make sure they get it done. This


is why you must train them in this aspect early on. Don’t keep forcing it down their throats, but rather make them realize the importance of what they need to accomplish.

Teach them that if you are in charge of something, you need to learn to follow through and not blow it off. There is natural cause and effect once you get out in the world and children who are aware and familiar with this idea have an easier adjustment.


Honesty is crucial for children to have. Children who lie do not earn your trust. It’s better for them to learn it’s always best to tell the truth, even when it means uncovering something bad or hurtful. Lying has more severe consequences even when you lie with something you deem good.


Be safe. Children should know about the dangers of mingling with strangers when they are young. Never go in the car with strangers and never have them lure you into anything. There are also many risks as your child becomes a teen such as reckless driving and drugs.

Teach the children to avoid drinking until they’re old and responsible enough. Drinking under the proper age can lead to a DUI defense, and have a serious effect on their future.


Last but not least, children need to learn to care for those around them. They need to learn they don’t get everything they want and the world doesn’t revolve around them. Heart-QuotesAlso, it’s always grateful to care for the needy and those who need help. Bringing up your kids to have compassion for other people will surely do wonders in their lives and attract more blessings to flow into them.

As you can see, parents need to teach and instill in their children these six beneficial values. Children who learn to embrace these become well-rounded and will grow up to teach their children the same. You can help them grasp these values so as to be applied in their own lives through the rules you enforce at home and through the guidance you give. This way, we can have a much better society that will benefit your children and grandchildren in the future.  

Brionna Kennedy is native to the Pacific Northwest, growing up in Washington, then moving down to Oregon for college. She enjoys writing on fashion and business, but any subject will do as she loves to learn about new topics. When she isn’t writing, she lives for the outdoors. Oregon has been the perfect setting to indulge her love of kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking.

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