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Words Of Wisdom for Your Stepson’s First Day at Work

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Stepfather and stepson–the stepping stones involved in building this relationship can be daunting. But rest assured that the time, energy, and talent you invest in this special bond will pay off tremendously in the end.

By taking the time to get to know him and finding activities that you both can enjoy together, you will pave the way to a trusting and long-lasting friendship. When it’s time for him to make his way into the working world, you can pass on advice based on your own experience and know that he’ll listen, learn, and benefit from your words of wisdom.

Fuel His Passion

One of the greatest treasures of your own heart is one that you can kindle in your stepson’s and that is the commitment to doing the thing that ignites his passion. This is a lesson you can teach him by example.

As he watches you each day, he’ll begin to recognize that because you are doing what you love to do, it’s easier for you to get up in the morning, go to work, and seize the day. Strive to teach him that the ultimate fulfillment in life comes from working to make a difference in the world.

Teachers, psychologists, writers, artists, social workers, police officers, fire fighters, and physicians add value to their communities and enrich the lives of others. Help him discover not just his vocation, but his avocation in life.

Develop His Integrity

Getting out into the real world and earning a paycheck for the first time can be intimidating for a young adult. Starting out as an ingenue among seasoned professionals can even make him feel invisible.

However, your stepson needs to realize that with hard work, dedication, and loyalty, he can be a stand out not just by what he does, but by the way he does it. He can enhance the corporate culture through his own integrity and tenacity.

It also helps to find an employer like Kids II Inc, that will appreciate the freshness and energy a young individual can bring to an entry level position. A company that promotes from within can motivate him to be on time, work hard, and develop new ideas to bring the business greater success.

Challenge His Character

Dare him to be great. Help him to set career goals that will stretch him. If he dreams of becoming an entrepreneur someday, you can help him develop a business plan and set goals to make this dream a reality.

As a young adult, he might get sidetracked with relationships, social events, and other commitments. You can be both an anchor and a compass in his life, by grounding him and helping him refocus on the end game while enjoying the journey to success.

Encourage His Heart

Be his cheerleader and help him to embrace the hard lessons that experience can teach. Help him to recognize that failures aren’t fatal. Help him to accept the lessons he can learn from the mistakes, misunderstandings, and challenging relationships at work.

Help him learn to be comfortable in the background, shadowing business leaders, and drinking in their wisdom until it’s his turn to shine. Praise him when he strives to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in his particular field.

Affirm him when he enrolls in career enrichment courses that can give him a competitive edge.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell hopes this post will help stepdads recognize what a tremendous impact they can have on the lives of their extended family. She encourages them to help guide these young adults toward careers with companies like Kids II Inc, with a positive and thriving culture.

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