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Blended Family Poetry ~ Unexpected Spectrum of Perfection

We’ve blended our family, and

Further from bland we run

We’re getting close to the edge

Of a world shaded from sun

Blended Family Chasing Rainbows

We’re chasing a rainbow

Together going for the gold

We feel the promise and the hope

As we step into a world colored bold


Red is my name

I’m sometimes passionate

I’m sometimes angry

But I am always full of love


Orange is my name

I’m energetic and exert a lot of effort

It’s sometimes hard for me to give trust

But my harvests are abundant fruits of success


Yellow is my name

I am joyful and want to shine

Sometimes uncertain, I may warn you away

But my smile is catching and my mind stimulating


Green is my name

I naturally like to soothe, help, and heal

I’m sometimes jealous or selfish if I’m not nourished too

But I am always growing and want us to blossom harmoniously


Blue is my name

I am often calm, tranquil, and understanding

I’m distant when my mind dives into oceans or soars into skies

But I see larger pictures and am loyal, true, and wise


Purple is my name

I am creative, independent, and noble

I may act like pompous royalty and want to be surrounded by luxury

But it’d be because my inner power gets hindered; when I can share it, I empower


We’ve become the full spectrum

Families of unique and shining hues

We merged into one family complete

Vibrancy and vitality in what we’ve fused


Say our names; we’re every color, every shade

No black and white world; no shadow the same

For when we come together, we illuminate

We got everything we need; Family is our name


~ Gerardo Campbell

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