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Who says there isn’t humor in the life of a stepdad?  Did you know there’s a comic strip about the experiences of a stepdad? Cartoonist, Mike Ostresh, created the comic strip STEPDAD based on his experiences as a stepfather.  Mike and his wife, Tina, were married in 1994.

Mike transitioned from the life as a carefree bachelor to life as a new husband and stepfather to Tina’s 11 year old daughter, Nikki. Nikki is one of the main characters in STEPDAD.  Mike describes Nikki as an adorable, sassy, little drama queen who he loved dearly, but wanted to strangle daily.

comic stepdad

Mike and Tina are now grandparents. Nikki is now grown with a son, Christian. Mike and Tina live in Granite City, Illinois with their son, Noah. 

Mike was first published when he was in the first grade.  He sold his comic books for 10 cents back in the 60’s and early 70’s.  He was the cartoonist for his high school newspaper, “The High World” while attending Granite City High School from 1974 to 1978. 

While in high school Mike worked part time at the local International House of Pancakes.  He posted a weekly comic strip at work called, “Hot Cakes.” He describes as a lot of fun but it got him into a little trouble at times. 

He was the editorial cartoonist for the student newspaper while attending Southern Illinois University Edwardsville from 1979-1983 and he also ran a bi-weekly comic strip named “Kyna the Cougar” based on the school’s mascot.

In 1985, while attending classes at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley, he developed a strip named, “Wendall” about student life.

He is currently working on new ideas and like most cartoonists dreams of having a daily syndicated comic strip.  Mike plans on adding new strips on a regular basis. He would love to hear from you on what you like, don’t like or other ideas you may have about the strip.  To sign up to receive STEPDAD by email and to send Mike your feedback visit Comic Sherpa