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Creative Father's Day Gift

Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for Father’s Day are endless. It could be as traditional as a tie or as original as a $25 gift card to his favorite restaurant or retail store, where he could get whatever he wants. But what if you were able to do something just a tad bit more than that? With some additional thought and a little less cash, making this day memorable for the ‘Dad’ in your life won’t be as hard as it may seem. Here are some creative Father’s Day gift ideas that might help you out.

Handprint Molds

Father's Day Handprint Mold

Create a mold hand print collage! Your kids will simply enjoy this craft project idea because it requires their hands to get slightly messy. You will like it because it is so easy to make and it won’t cost you much at all. The ingredients you will need are flour, salt, water, paint to decorate, and ribbon to hang them up, which is optional. The amount of ingredients depends on how many hand prints you are wanting to make. You, then place them on a cookie sheet and pop it into a 200 degree oven for 2 hours.  The kids can illustrate them for their dad and it would create a memory that could last a long time. Be sure to go online and Google the correct recipe for this project.

Local Deals

Instead of spending so much money taking him to a fancy restaurant, find local bargains. There are tons of free or super cheap activities occurring on Father’s Day. Check with your local library or look online to see a list of events. Many times, restaurants and other establishments will include discounts if you purchase their products, so this may be the time to take dad out for some fun away from the home!

Coupon Clippers


Father's Day Coupon Book


Here’s a favorite that kids like to make: Design him his own personal coupon booklet. It could include things like, “Coupon for one (1) FREE kiss” or “This coupon is good for one (1) hour of quiet time”. This would also be a fun time for the kids to show off their artistic skills by designing each coupon with crayons, paint or stickers. Finish it off by either stapling it together or use a hole punch and tie it together with a ribbon. His favorite color, perhaps? This idea is great because it takes much thought from the heart and not much money at all!

Personalize a Gift


Father's Day Personalized Gift

What about personalizing things, such as a Father’s Day card, mug or a photo collage? The idea may seem a bit traditional, but there is no reason that it can’t be innovative. Complete a t-shirt by using fabric paint to write his name on the back with the age he is at the time, like a baseball jersey. Have everyone in the family sign their names on it, along with a Father’s Day message.

Background Check

Father's Day PC Background

Is your husband on the computer often?  Create and set a background or screen saver on there, wishing him a Happy Father’s Day and tell him how much you love him. When he first sits down to get on the computer, he will be all smiles to see such a considerate surprise.

Theater Scene

Put on a play! This would be a fantastic occasion to get the kids imagination rolling. Have them dress up in their favorite costumes and speak of a fairy tale story about a knight named Dad. Or you could ask them to write a poem and perform it in front of him. Laminate the copies of the poem or play script for safe keeping.

Treasure Hunt

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt

If you had already bought dad an awesome gift, how about you send him on a quest or have him play a game to find it. Just write directions on index cards in colorful envelopes and spread them throughout the house or outside. You could even have him travel short distances or call other family members to get the ‘next clue’. Include the kids in on it to thicken the plot. This idea is super fun and extra cheap!

Gift Basket

Father's Day Gift Basket

Gift baskets can be quite expensive and he may not even use all of the contents inside. Have each family member get Dad one or two things from a compiled list you made of what he likes, such as shirts, ties, candy or even his favorite snack mix. Then, fix it all up in a nice basket, include a free printable Father’s Day card, and tie it up with a bow. This idea can be inexpensive, but meaningful, and Dad will love it.

You do not have to spend money to make Father’s Day extra special. These ideas are not only uncomplicated, but they are very inexpensive and enjoyable, and you can make this Father’s Day memorable for that special man in your life. 

Kristin Willis is the founder of the blog, Coupon Friendly and a stay at home wife and mom of 4 children from Springfield, Missouri. She’s been writing for 2 years and has a passion for it as well as theater arts and music. Kristin is also a regular contributor to the CareOne blog, a community that provides debt consolidation and money-saving advice. 

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