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Blended Family Quotes ~ Normal & Shared Love


Two quotes for a blended family of mixed race.





Monopoly on Normal


“My family is made of different races. Sometimes we get weird stares when we’re out in public.  It doesn’t bother me as much as it did in the past. I guess I finally realized that no family has the monopoly on normal.”

~ Leah

President Obama at his sister's Maya Soetoro Wedding

Future President Barack Obama attending his stepsister’s Maya Soetoro-Ng’s wedding in 2003


Shared Love


“I used to reflect on how our family portrait did not look like others hanging in the photographers office.  Now, looking back, I see how others should look upon us with envy.  From different backgrounds we came together to form a family.  While lacking in common ancestry, we abound in a shared love that brings us ever closer.  After all, isn’t that a better definition of a family that a preconceived notion of appearances?”

~ Joshua


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