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Hey Stepdads, Getting It Right Ain’t Rocket Science

Hey Stepdads, Getting It Right Ain’t Rocket Science

Almost 70 percent of blended marriages in America end in divorce. Support for Stepfathers helps the one-third of all Americans and others in blended relationships around the world to get it right.



PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 10, 2013SAN JOSE, California – The underlying message on the information-packed website named Support for Stepdads is that America’s almost 70 percent divorce rate for blended marriages could plunge with a little attention to potentially sticky situations.

Not only does webmaster Gerardo Campbell bring personal insight and practical experience to his articles at https://supportforstepdads.com, he offers heartfelt and down-to-earth customized advice to partners seeking solutions within blended marriages.

You might build up a fantastic relationship with your partner’s children during dating, but when it’s time to formalize the relationship there are matters – such as what her kids should now call their new stepdad – that might become issues if not handled sensibly, sensitively and inclusively.

It’s these little stepdad problems that, if left unattended or handled improperly, can contribute to the excessive failure rate of blended marriages.

What do you do if you inadvertently take your young stepson to a sexually-explicit R-rated movie? Well, ask Gerardo Campbell – he’s been there, learned from the experience and is sharing both his solution and a way to avoid similar embarrassments.

Don’t Light the Fuse

Campbell’s website is a wonderful resource for learning how to circumvent or diffuse potentially explosive situations in blended marriages, where there may be daily need for stepparent support.

It’s an interactive and provocative on-line community with loads of opportunity for user participation and feedback.  It’s packed with entertaining words of wisdom from Campbell’s delightful sense of humor – a great antidote and natural cooling off agent for stepparents under pressure.

There are stepdad poems, stepdad quotes and wise and thought-provoking offerings for a range of blended family members and situations, plus a good variety of links.

Perhaps the site’s best feature though is Campbell’s wealth of really useful guidance – tips and reminders that any stepparent keen to avoid becoming a divorce statistic (possibly again) should heed.

Don’t justify your stepchild’s bad behavior, he says, but do keep in mind that the child may be suffering from and grieving the disintegration of their first family and loss or even death of a biological parent.

“When dealing with your stepchildren’s negative behaviors remember in the majority of cases it’s more about them than you,” he says.  He urges compassion and, indeed, uses it in delivering his easy to read, useful and valuable insights.

Support Your Resource

Support for Stepdads is not for a niche market.  It addresses everyday and potentially destructive issues relevant to 33 percent of all Americans.

There are more blended families than nuclear or traditional families in the United States and one in three Americans is a stepparent, stepchild, step-sibling or other member of a blended family.

Much on Campbell’s site is relevant to stepmothers as well as stepfathers, yet overall many more resources are dedicated to stepmother support than to helping their husbands. And this makes Campbell’s pioneering on-line support group all the more valuable and worthy.

With its handy language translation button, the site is helping people around the world with their blended family problems.

Gerardo Campbell needs your help to maintain and improve a free resource which works to create happy blended families and detour many of them from their path to divorce.

Visit www.supportforstepdads.com.  Learn, share, have fun and click to donate at http://www.gofundme.com/support4stepdads. Every little bit helps.

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