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Stepfather Poetry ~ When We First Met








When We First Met


When we first met you, I thought you were awesome.
You shook my hand and made me feel a man.
You took the time to talk to me and managed
To hold even my short attention span.

I liked the way you held the door for Mama. 
You treated her just like she was a Queen.
I saw, though, that you also did it
For the older lady who came in to clean.

You always had a moment for my projects;
You always had a joke when Mom was sad.
You always brought a smile to our faces.
I used to wish that you could be my dad.

Now you are standing there, in your tuxedo. 
I can’t believe my dream is coming true. 
If I could pick out anyone for Mama,
I know without a doubt that I’d pick you.

~ Ozarkmaid


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