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Stepfather Poetry ~ Birthday Memories





Man Holding his Back

Stepdad had a bad back

From a car wreck he had a while back

So the chores were all ours to do

He sat bored in the living room

He pulled the muscles and was in traction.

 Friday the 13th

His birthday came one Friday

He said, “Dammit, this is my day.”

He went out side to mow

Tempting his hernia to blow

He wanted a life for his birthday.


We stopped Stepdad in his tracks

We reminded him of his bad back

“If you’re feeling so spunky

We’ll get you a monkey”

And you can go lay on the rack.


“A monkey would really be nice,”

He said. We didn’t have to be asked twice.

We went to the store

And we weren’t that poor.

We came home with sea monkeys and dice.

 Sea Monkeys

“Dice? For what,” Stepdad asked.

“For the next time you’re up to the task.

If you want to gamble

Right now you amble

Instead taking vicodin and basking.”

Rolling Dice


By Azriel Johnson



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