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Stepdad Poetry ~ You Were There


were there.  As much as I hated you,

you were still there.  You

protected me.  You

fed me.  You

clothed me.  You

gave me all of the basics.  You

gave me rules to live by even though you

knew I still broke them.  You

knew I had to live on my own and you

made that possible because you

were there.  And even when I challenged you

close to the end I knew I didn’t want to fight you. 

I wished things could go back to when you

were nice to me.  Back before my puberty and you

got into a fight over my soul. You

obviously passed on your stubbornness to me.  You

never got to see me grow up.  You

said I wouldn’t last a month out on my own. You

were wrong, but I think you

would have been proud to know you

were wrong this one time. Thank you

for being there for me.

~ Azriel Johnson


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