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Stepfather Poetry ~ To My Stepfather








To My Stepfather

I just want to say: Thank you for all that you have been;
For giving of yourself much more than would a lot of men;
For coming up beside my mom, and standing there for her;
When she was lonely, hurt and weak, a little bit unsure;
For trying hard to shield her from life’s worries and alarms;
For taking on a father’s role, and opening your arms;
For taking us in as your own, and giving us your life,
And loving with a father’s love the children of your wife;
For being generous and good; For being kind and nice;
For all the love that lies behind each little sacrifice;
For all the times you’ve spent with us, and all the times we’ve had;
For all these things, and more, I say, “I’m proud to call you ‘Dad’.”


~ Gerardo Campbell






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