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Husband & New Stepmom

Stepmother Poetry ~ What Is A Stepmother?

What is a Stepmother?


A step below or a step above?

Someone for you to (sometimes) love?

Someone to share your laughter and tears?

Or do you grow quiet when she comes near?


What is a stepmother?

A step above or step below?

Someone to teach you and help you to grow?

Is she a mystery to you, or someone you know?

Are you true with your feelings, or are they for show?


I’m a stepmother, so let me define

What a stepmother is, at least in my mind

A stepmother cares for her family and home

And loves her step kids like they were her own

She fixes their meals, treats a cold, ties a shoe

Anything that a kid’s real mom would do


A stepmother consoles you when you feel sad

And hands out a punishment if you are bad

She’ll tuck you in bed and read you a story

And yet, it’s the real mom that gets all the glory


A stepmother hides the tears that she cries

When mother’s day comes and then just slips by

With no card, and no hug, though she really feels sad

She won’t let you see it, won’t let you feel bad


She feels like an outsider but tries to fit in

If you’re playing a game with her, she’ll let you win

She makes sure your birthday is one special day

And when hers is forgotten, she’ll just look away


When your teen years come, life gets much tougher

With a stepmother these years, for her, are much rougher

You may say or do something that injures her feelings

Please keep in mind that she hurts while she’s healing


Your stepmother has done the best she could do

And no matter your age, she’ll always love you

For her birthday, the best present to get her

Is the most precious of all, that you didn’t forget her


~ Author Unknown


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  1. Judith Brown

    I truly enjoyed this step mother’s poem. Love has no color ❤

  2. Wanda Gaines

    I think you’ve covered just about everything a good “Stepmom” and Dad feels. My husband has been there and I now see my daughter-in-law in that boat. We’re trying to make her know how much she’s appreciated for what she’s doing. Because “she is”!!!! I have a beautiful and loving daughter-in-law. I’m blessed to have her!!! I waited a long time to have a daughter-in-law and I have an awesome one!

    • Hi Wanda
      What wonderful words to say about your daughter-in-law she’s truly and richly blessed to have you and your husband as in law’s. Thank you for your heartfelt sharing.

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