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Support for Stepfathers Founder Makes Sharing his Business

Support for Stepfathers Founder Makes Sharing his Business

Learn what one stepfather did to reverse the nearly 70% divorce rate for blended families. His website, Support for Stepdads, provides stepfathers, aspiring stepdads and the women who love them with information and help via forum.




PRLog (Press Release)Apr. 21, 2012San Jose , CA – A little over a year ago, Gerardo Campbell set out to change his life by starting a business.  Instead, he launched a website that he hopes will change the lives of many others.

Campbell is the founder of Support for Stepfathers, an online community created to helping men transition move into the world of stepparenting.  His website, https://supportforstepdads.com , offers articles, advice and forums dedicated to discovering approaches that will help new dads connect with their kids.  Although he has discovered a true mission, Campbell’s site is a far cry from his initial entrepreneurial goals.

“Originally, I wanted to build a website dedicated to beer steins,” Campbell said, on a break from editing new content.  “I have been a collector since I was stationed in the Germany during my military career, so I went to a weekend seminar to learn how to turn that interest into a business.”

During the course of the weekend, Campbell began to realize that there was something else in his life that connected him with many other men:  the challenges of being a new dad.  He discovered that many second marriages with blended families end in divorce, a statistic that Campbell himself was fortunate to avoid.  “I dove into it head first,” Campbell said.  “I had many preconceived notions and ideas about what it meant to be a stepparent, but over time I learned that some of them were really, really wrong! But instead of giving up, I kept trying new things, new ways to connect to my new wife and kids. Building a family is kind of like building a business:  success only comes with hard work and being okay with trying new things.”

With 16 years of experience in building a happy blended family, Campbell has succeeded where many others have failed, and Support for Stepdads is an opportunity to lead the way in addressing what he believes is a long overlooked issue.  “Every day, men are struggling to make these relationships work, Campbell said. “At first I thought that I was just one of the lucky ones, until I realized that if guys like me shared their experiences, maybe others could learn from that.”

With the site growing daily, Campbell is on the hunt for engaging content, corporate and media partners, and of course, members.  “This site is really  is only successful as the people involved, and all the bells and whistles don’t matter without real stepdads connecting, talking about their real issues.  All stepdads have something to contribute, so I hope to see them online soon.”

For more information and registration, visit https://supportforstepdads.com.  Registration is safe, secure and currently 100% free.

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A resource for men who didn’t have to be so they can prepare and equip themselves for the challenges associated with step fatherhood and be able to successfully lead their families through the blended family mine fields.

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