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Stepfather Poetry ~ The Times are Changing









The Times are Changing

Coping with Loss

Without you, with you, the times are still changing

You came into my life, became my stepdad

Soon to be without you again; you’re passing!

On the brink of loss, I thank you from my heart

Because of you, my life has been very blessed

My love for you will remain when you depart

This will be the last time I will see you

It’s so hard to accept that reality

I come to hold your hand as your pass through

I remember when you took my mother’s hand

You vowed to love her and her family too

You did it, true; and now at your side I stand

With a gentle squeeze, my hand tells you I’m here

It feels like you’re already so far away

I whisper my thanks and love; can you hear?

You’ve seen my shed tears but not these I cry now

You blink, you stir, you smile; ready to go

It’s time to say goodbye, but I don’t know how

Just know you have my gratitude and my love

Thank you for guiding me through good times and bad

Time to live your example as you watch from above.

~ Gerardo Campbell

Times are Changing - Letting Go


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