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You Are My Dad

I never told you, dad, but I want you to know

You changed my life and helped me to grow

You came into my life, gentle, optimistic, and sure

Despite that oversight you were willing to endure

You sought me no matter how stressful or tense

I fought you though you waited with patience

“You’re not my real dad!” I’d said with pure attitude

I didn’t mean it! For you, dad, I’m full of gratitude.

You stood by, with support, ready to offer your favor

With your perseverance and assurance I started to waiver

I admired your strength, your skills, and the way you had fun

I respected how kind you were to me and to everyone

It came about, late, but nevertheless it came

The moment when I wanted to give you back the same

Both a start and a success as now I could believe

That by giving you a chance then we could achieve

A relationship of me as the child and “father” your role

You did your part well and made our family whole

To me you are an inspirer, a guide, a rock star.

You showed me the way and how to go far.

A family is your rock and your home.

We return to it no matter where we roam.

You can call on your family any time to help you

I’d do it for you just as you’ve supported me too.

You never had to do a single thing for me.

But you did and now you have a family.

I’m telling you now so there’s no misconception.

You are my dad, and I am your son.

~ Gerardo Campbell

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