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The Seeds of Greatness System


Researched and developed by two of America’s most talented and trusted authorities, Doctors Denis Waitley and Maryann Rosenthal, on High Peformance Human Behavior and Achievement.  The Seeds of Greatness System provides answers, insight, ideas and hope in the challenging job of raising children. Parents will get a clear understanding of the issues that children face today as they struggle to become independent, high achieving adults who can make a positive difference in life.

Based on the N.Y. Times best-selling book, this program helps parents and other adult caregivers empower kids to be everything they can be. The Roots DVD wil help parents provide their children with the following essential skills: Discover Your Children’s Potential, Build Their Self-Confidence, Instill Self-Responsibility, Develop Healthy Habits through Self Discipline, Model Honesty & Itegrity.

The Wings DVD will help parents provide their children with the these essential skills: Problem Solving and Communication, Gain Strength Through Adversity, Reduce Family Stress, Unleash Kids’ Creativity, Set Worthwhile Goals, and Become Community Leaders.  Click now on the respective program you’re interested in to purchase.

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