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The Smart Stepdad: Steps to Help You Succeed

“To climb Stepdad Mountain you need a climbing guide; Ron Deal and this book are it. Get started.”

Dr. Kevin Leman, bestselling author of Have a New Kid by Friday

While there’s plenty of resources for stepmothers, stepfathers are often left to travel a difficult road without clear directions.  Ron Deal offers advice for men navigating the stepfamily minefield including how to connect with stepchildren, being a godly role model and keeping the bond strong with one’s spouse.  He gives perspective on what the kids are going through and why things don’t work the same as in a biological family.  He offers wisdom for handling tricky issues with discipline, dealing with your wife’s ex and hugging your stepdaughter.  Two chapters for your wife to read and tips for her throughout the book will help the two of you work as a team.

The Smart Stepdad provides essential guidelines to help stepfathers not only survive but succeed as both dad and husband.  Please check out Ron’s interview on WGN TV.

Click to see Ron Deal’s interview

Mom, buy it for him. Men, get this practical climbing guide so you can conquer Stepdad Mountain.  You can order the book through the Review tab, Click here to order .

Book Outline:

Section I: Getting it Right

Introduction: Stepdad: Hero or Hostile Takeover?

  1. Conquering Stepdad Mountain
  2. Sex Stuff: Did you Marry a Wife (Sex Partner) or a Mother (Business Partner)?
  3. Understanding Her Kids (Part 1): Loss
  4. Understanding Her Kids (Part 2): Loyalty

Section II: Getting Smart: The Step Team

  1. Mom Smart Part 1: He Can’t Do It Without You
  2. Mom Smart Part 2: Pitfalls and Good Intentions
  3. Getting the Socks Picked Up: Parenting 101
  4. Meet Your Ex-Husband-In-Law: Friend or Foe?
  5. Your Kids: What Do They Need?

10. Hugging Your Stepdaughter, Stepsibling Attractions, And the Awkward Issues of Stepfamily Sexuality

11. Keeping Special Days Special: Vacations, Holidays, and Special Family Days

12. Romancing Your Wife

13. Adult Stepchildren

14. Should We Have an “Ours” Baby?

15. Heroes by Choice

Includes discussion questions for groups.

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