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Daycare – Five Tips For Choosing The Right One


If you must return to work after you have a baby, you may need to choose a daycare before your maternity leave comes to an end.  When considering daycare in your area, you may worry about determining which one is the best. In fact, choosing a daycare can call for you to be at your sharpest and use your gut instinct to guide you in your search. Using these and other important strategies can help you find a daycare provider who will look after and care for your baby almost as much as you do.

1) Choose State-Licensed Daycares

Anyone can open their home to children who need babysitters throughout the day. However, just because a person is willing to babysit children in their home does not mean that person’s home is a licensed daycare facility.

Your state has licensed ones listed online and in the state office that regulates these facilities. You can find out which daycare centers in your area are licensed by the state. These facilities are held to strict standards as far as safety and cleanliness go.

2) Check the Child to Caregiver Ratio

Choose a daycare that has a low child to teacher ratio for your child. If a daycare provider has more children at the facility than they can safely monitor and care for, you can almost bet your baby will be neglected.

If you find a daycare with relatively few children in relation to the staff on hand, your baby has a better chance of receiving personalized care throughout the day. A Charlotte personal injury attorney lists improper supervision as one area of liability a daycare has. If there are not enough caregivers per children, supervision is considered lacking.

3) Gauge Your Child’s Response

If your baby screams or acts terrified when you hand him over to the daycare provider each day, this distress could be a sign your baby is being mistreated.

A happy and safe daycare should not cause your child to suffer significant distress. Separation anxiety tantrums are normal, but shrieks of terror are cause for alarm. 

4) Choose a Daycare with an Open Door Policy

As the parent, you should have immediate and unbarred access to your child any time of the day when your baby is at daycare. If you show up unannounced, the daycare provider should welcome you with open arms rather than scramble to make up excuses or try to dissuade you from coming inside the facility.

Some daycare facilities go so far as to offer parents online web cams to watch their children throughout the day. You can feel safe about leaving your baby if you choose one that has this capability in place.

5) Hire a Lawyer for Daycare Concerns

As you search for a daycare, it would not be out of the question for you to retain a lawyer during this process. Even more, a good daycare should not be alarmed if you bring along your lawyer to inspect the premises and go over the enrollment paperwork with you.

If your child does sustain an injury while enrolled in daycare, your lawyer will be your best advocate as you seek compensation and justice. Choosing a daycare and trusting a lawyer can be two decisions that complement each other.

With four children, Melanie Fleury knows how hard it is to choose a daycare that you are comfortable with. Auger & Auger Attorneys at Law, a Charlotte personal injury attorney, states that playground accidents, improper supervision and unsafe premises can lead to an injury at a daycare. If your child is injured at daycare, contact an attorney who can help you determine if you have a case that warrants compensation.

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