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Custody Battle Advice Needed

A stepdad and his wife are involved in a custody battle with her ex. Her ex has made accusations against them both as well as against the stepdad in an effort to prevent them from gaining full custody. The ex accused them of using drugs – they have not. The ex also accused the stepdad of touching his daughter inappropriately – he has not. The stepdad is troubled by these accusations and wants to protect his family’s dignity, his stepdaughter’s safety, and his good name.

His 5 year-old stepdaughter had an incident at school with a couple of boys touching her inappropriately and the ex is attempting to say it was the stepdad. The stepdad is saddened and angered by this accusation. He has withdrawn from his stepdaughter, his family and from most social events out of pure embarrassment and rage. The thought of him hurting the little girl he has helped raise as his own makes him sick.

He wants to know what he can do, both legally as a stepdad (he lives in Canada) and emotionally in an attempt to save his family and name.

Thank you for any and all helpful advice you may offer in the Comments.

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