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Stepdad Tips for Preparing Your Stepdaughter’s Wedding Speech



As stressful of a time this is for everyone, it shouldn’t be a surprise a lot of stepdads find it difficult to create a speech for their not-so-little girl on her big day.  You are definitely not alone.  The first thing you need to do is decide upon the tone of the speech – will it be funny or will it be serious and heartwarming? The next thing you want to take into consideration is if the biological father will be present or not.  One step at a time, you should know it’s usually the job of the father figure to provide a heartwarming speech over something funny.  This is where you talk about the moments you have been proud of her, the times when she’s relied on you for advice, maybe even tell her about all her wonderful qualities.

How to Write and Deliver Your Speech

When writing, there are different points you’ll want to bring up about your relationship with your stepdaughter.

  • Talk about marriage in itself.  Give your thoughts on married life and offer any advice you have come to learn.  Keep it positive – no exceptions.
  • Mention her qualities and consider throwing in some of the groom’s and talk about why they are good together.  Even if you don’t like him, remember it’s your stepdaughter’s choice, and her mistakes (if that’s what it eventually turns out to be) are her own.  Besides, you’ll never know how he might grow on you later on.
  • Depending on if her biological father is present, you can also throw in some good times you’ve had together. For example, “I’m definitely going to miss our Saturday fishing adventures.”
  • Tell her you are proud of her, and speak from your heart.  Every girl wants to hear her daddy is proud of her choices.  Even if you don’t like them, respect them.
  • Finally, congratulate the newlyweds.

Delivering the speech won’t be as excruciating as you might think—especially if you focus on your stepdaughter and her new husband.  Take your time with the words so that they come out right, and it’s best to have your speech memorized to avoid having to look at paper or cue cards.  Being able to look her in the eye will only strengthen the bond between you two.

The next posts will give examples of two different scenarios: 1) where the biological father is present, and 2) where the biological father is not present.  I will also include examples of good speeches that go with each scenario. Please rate this post using the Stars and Thumbs below.  Thank you.

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