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Stepfather Poetry ~ Happy Father’s Day to My Stepdad

Happy Father’s Day to My Stepdad


Day for fathers, day for tools and ties

Day for funny cards, day for gratefulness

Day for gifts for you, but having a father is the real prize

On this day, I thank you for bringing me happiness.


Years without you, years of sad Father’s Days

Years now to spend with you, years of happy days like this one

Years will come and go, but now you’ll be my dad always

Happy, our relationship as father and child is second to none


Once upon a time for a reason I could never really know

You had many choices, but my family you chose

You walked the unknown only hoping love would grow

Hope you gave me, and grew love did… and does as time flows


A stepdad enters in late, as he should because he’s the #1 man to look to

You entered my life when the tick-tock of God’s clock said it was good time

I want you to know I look up to who you are, and I thank you for all you do

Happy Father’s day to you, father of mine.


~ Gerardo Campbell


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    great post !!!


    This is so heart-touching. Really all children should at least once in a year pay thanks and gratitude to their step-fathers.  A note of “thank you” talks a lot.  It is really important to let him know that his step-children love him and care for him. That’s builds the bonding between them.

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