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Stepfather Poetry ~ For a Stepdad Who’s Passed Away



Stepping Stones and Grave Stones


Life has been full of so many major milestones

My birth, my youth, you stepping in as my dad

We took small steps at first, then larger strides

You were at my birthdays, graduation, my wedding

I was at your funeral, the hardest of them all and the most sad.


Life has granted me so many awesome opportunities

Chances to grow, to change, to find happiness in life

You didn’t have to help, but you did indeed

You taught me how to succeed and how to be selfless


Missing you, needing you, I feel selfish now, full of grief and strife.


Life has given me a stepfather then taken him away

My hopes, my needs, you fulfilled when you came by

You stepped in so slowly, then stepped out so suddenly

You left behind a strong impression, a loving expression


Honored and humbled, you DID give me life. This is a grateful goodbye.


 ~ Gerardo Campbell


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